Answered By: Shengbo Sun
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There is currently no api interface for recording. You can use the following system commands to implement recording-related functions:

1. Start / save recording. If there is no special requirement for the audio format (such as sampling rate, encoding), use "arecord -t wav xxx.wav" that is, record a wav format audio and save it in xxx.wav. * xxx.wav ** is the current path. You can write the path /xxx.wav (for example: "arecord -t wav ~ / test.wav" on the Raspberry Pi is at /home/pi/test.wav);

2. End recording. Automatic ending use "-d xx xx = xxx seconds", otherwise use ctrl + C ;

3. Play the recording file. Use "aplay path / xxx.wav".

At the same time, use  "man arecord" to see the official simple notes on the recording commands.

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