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Your Librarian or Professor has asked you to complete ONE of the options listed below:

  • Library Online Module or Micromodule
  • Essential Research Skills Module or Micromodule
  • eMOD7 Micromodule
  • Library DiCE Module or Micromodule
  • Mendeley Course or Micromodule.

All of these options can be found in xSITe on the Digital Competency Essentials (DiCE) page. There are 14 micromodules on this page, one of which is the Library Micromodule - Introduction to Essential Research Skills. These micromodules may or may not be compulsory, please check with your Professor if you are not sure.


There are TWO ways to access these micromodules.

  1. From the DiCE page 
  2. Or go directly to the Library Micromodule, eMOD7


Please noteTopic 1 - Starting with Research includes a lesson used with kind permission from the University of Manchester Library entitled "Planning Ahead: Making your search work". After you have worked through this lesson, you may not receive an xSITe "tick" to indicate completion. Not to worry, we are aware of this issue and you will not be expected to retake the lesson.


More questions about the DiCE micromodules can be directed to

More questions about the Library eMOD7 micromodule can be directed to 

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