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When it comes to YouTube there are a number of considerations:

  1. if the video been uploaded by the copyright holder
  2. if you are planning to download the video
  3. if you are recording your Zoom session.


If a channel is verified by YouTube, this means it is the official channel of a creator, artist, company, or public figure.

A verification badge can be applied for if a YouTube channel has 100,000 subscribers. 

Videos uploaded under this badge are likely to have been uploaded by the copyright holder.

If there is no badge, use your judgement about the uploader. If you think the video has been illegally uploaded, do not use it.



Never use another app to download videos from YouTube.  You can only legally download a YouTube video if you see this option under the video. 

Showing a YouTube video does not contravene copyright if you stream the video from the YouTube website.

In terms of copyright it is usually preferable to stream a YouTube video.




If you are planning to record your Zoom session, it would be preferable to stop recording when you are either streaming or playing the YouTube video. 

If the video has a Creative Commons License, however, you can follow the terms of the license.



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