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Permitted Use:

  • Download and store locally a copy of a Case Study for the purpose of class participation.


Prohibited Use:

  • Sell, use for commercial purposes, licence, sub-licence, distribute rent, lease or lend the Case Studies in whole or in part to others, post any of the Case Studies to any website electronic bulletin board, wide or local area network or other online environment.
  • Use the Case Studies in whole or in part outside SIT, such as in external teaching, tutoring, presentations or training, or as part of services provided by SIT to other educational organisations, to SIT clients or customers, on SIT organisation’s website or on any website accessible via the internet (whether or not users need to pay to access such website).
  • Remove or alter any copyright notices on any and all copies of the Case Studies. 
  • Alter, adapt or modify the Case Studies. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Case Studies .
  • Share your passwords to Learning Management System with others. 
  • Unauthorised duplicating, copying or any unauthorised publication, use or pirating of the Case Studies.
  • Use, copy or duplicate the Case Studies or any part of the same otherwise than as necessary for proper exploitation of the Case Studies.
  • Distribute or publish the Case Studies or any part thereof as part of or in juxtaposition with any other item.
  • Alter or place out of context any part of the Case Studies or otherwise violate any moral right or deal with the Case Studies.
  • Email the access link of a case study to any person.
  • Collect, store a Case Study in any format in any library or in any database system or reproduced in any form or distributed by any means.

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