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Finding Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)

To find an RCT, a specific type of Clinical Trial, simply add "randomized controlled trial" to your keyword search.

You can also see if RCTs are identified in the database limiters. PubMed, for example, will identify RCTs under Clinical Trial and Randomized Controlled Trial according to its ARTICLE TYPE limiters.


Finding other Clinical Trials

Finding other Clinical Trials may be tricky. If the trial results have been published in a journal, they can be found using the library databases and/or Google Scholar. Not all trials will have published results, however, as the trial may have been suspended, terminated, or even withdrawn. In addition to this, some trials can be very short and any published results will reflect experimental data only.

The registration of clinical trails is often required by law so records of clinical trials can be found in registers such as those listed below...

The Cochrane Library can be used to search for trials (including RCTs) from all over the world, but does NOT include any full text. You will need to follow the links to the different registers to investigate more. 

Once you have followed the link to the trials register, see if you can find any links on the register's website. If you have found links in the register but still cannot find any full text, you do have one more option left to try. 

Enter the trial title and the main researcher into Google Scholar. If you still cannot find any full text, it would be safe to assume there is not enough information about the trial for you to confidently include its use in your assignment.




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