Answered By: Joan Wee
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Mendeley can serve as a quick tool for you to keep track of many results from your different searches and to merge same citations as one. This is especially useful for students needing to complete your PRISMA flow diagram, where you need to know how many duplicates there are from your different searches, total number of results you obtain from each search.

Mendeley Deduplicate Tool

  1. Go to your folder in Mendeley Desktop
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Choose Check for Duplicates
  4. Mendeley will scan your folder for duplicates and provide them in the center screen
  5. There will be an indication of the confidence that Mendeley has whether or not the two articles are duplicates.  
  6. On the far right, there will be the option to Confirm Merge of the duplicates.  If you are confident that the two are duplicates, then click Confirm Merge
  7. If you are not sure, you can click on the tiny triangle next to the title to see all the articles that Mendeley thinks are a duplicate and make your decision

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