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SIT has a License Agreement with the Copyright Licensing & Administration Society of Singapore Limited (CLASS), which allows SIT to make copies of works owned by CLASS members. The limits of copying are as follows:

a.      One chapter or section, as the case may be;

b.      One or more articles of the same subject matter in a collection;

c.      One short story or poem in a collection;

d.      One case report in a collection of case reports; or

e.      10% or less of pages of an edition of the work,


Provided always that the making or communication of copies 

(i)    Does not exceed the lecturer/tutor and student headcount in any course of instruction; 

(ii)   Does not pertain to works in respect of which a separate license has been granted bany CLASS member to SIT to make copies or communicate in Singapore.  

The limits of copying apply not just to physical photocopying but also to uploading of scanned/digital copies of chapters, articles, reports etc to the Learning Management System (LMS).

For ease of reference, the list of publishers and authors covered under CLASS can be found here:​


As part of the License Agreement with CLASS, SIT is to keep records of copies made (including those uploaded to LMS) and to provide these records to CLASS. The forms for recording are available for download below (under Links & Files).  Please submit the forms monthly to the Academic Programmes Admin (AP Admin) of the respective programme.

For materials that do not fall under SIT’s License Agreement with CLASS, faculty will need to seek permission from the copyright owners directly. 

This link to Intellectual Property Office of Singapore [IPOS] will provided more information (select Copyright for Educators link).

If you are still in doubt, please do clarify the procedure with the AP Admin or the Legal dept.

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