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SIT has a current subscription to the Undergraduate Case Teaching Licence till 31 July 2023, which allows Instructors to use more than 38,000 cases covered by the Licence for free, for the teaching of SIT undergraduate programs.

Instructors can put up the access link of the course studies on the Learning Management System or distribute the printed copies to the enrolled students in your class. Click here for more information. Instructors can also preview free online preview copy and instructor materials for educators to access the suitability of a case. If a preview copy is available, it is marked on the product record.

Important Note: Please read and comply with the Terms and Conditions when using a Case Study from Case Center for teaching. 


1. Account Creation (To skip if you have already created an account) 

a). Visit Case Center to create an account. 

b). Choose the option of "Educational/non-profit (faculty, staff, students etc.)"

c). Search for "Singapore Institute of Technology

d). Select "Singapore Institute of Technology

e). Fill in your personal details. For Role, please choose Educator (professor, lecturer, teacher etc.) 

f). Click "Create Account" 


2. Search a case  (You may also browse the cases by collection)

a). Visit Case Center:  

b). Log in Case Center 

c). Search for a case

Option 1: simple search option by inputting keywords, title, author etc, and select the type of Products  

Option 2: use advanced search option by clicking "more search options". 


c.1) Input the keywords of the topic and choose the limiters if applicable, and then click "Search" at the bottom of the page. The option to limit Product Type, Product Year etc are available. 


c.2). Option to further refine the search results by applying more limiters, e,g, language, subject category, publisher etc.

c.3). Choose  "Yes" under the "Undergraduate Teaching Licence" to view the free cases covered under the SIT subscription. 


3. Order a case for teaching for free

a). Select a case. On the right-hand panel, click "Add to Basket". If a case is covered under Undergraduate Case Teaching Licence, the price will be shown as 0 and the icon of Undergraduate Case Teaching Licence will be displayed. 

*If an instructor is interested in using a paid case for teaching, please use the respective Program Fund for the purchase. 


b). Fill up the information required, and then click ""Add to Basket".

If Instructors intend to provide access link via xSite, please choose "Provide access on my course area or app". If you intend to print out the case and distribute to students, please choose "Print copies from a PDF" from the dropdown menu of "I would like to: "

c). Click "Proceed to Checkout", or you could choose to add more items to your order by clicking "Continue Shopping". 

d). To checkout out a case, click "Continue Checkout"

e). Fill in the course information 

f). Check the order information, and agree to Undergraduate Case Teaching Licence terms and  terms of business, then click "Place Order

g). Visit "My Library" to access the case in PDF or obtain the access link: 


Additional Information: 

  • The start date for a course can be a maximum of six months in the future, the end date for a course can be a maximum of six months from its start date.
  • All links to cases will cease working 2 weeks after the end date stated when they were ordered.
  • The minimum quantity you can order is five copies.*

*Important note: this refers to the minimum number of copies you can order. However, you must order one copy for each member of your class: sharing five copies among ten students, for example, is not permitted. You must purchase a copy for each student.



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